Very easy on the ears! Maona Studio Headphones

October 5, 2021

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When I went looking for a new set of headphones for my home office, I decided to try the Maono Studio Headphones. And I liked what I found.

* Very comfortable fit over the ears. I can easily wear these things for a few hours and still enjoy wearing them.

* The noise cancellation is really good. Better than the more expensive brand-name headphones I paid twice as much for and had been using for the last two years.

*They fold up nicely

*They have two audio inputs for two different kinds of cables or for two different inputs. I use this feature for when I am live streaming and have someone cueing up to talk; I can monitor the feed going out to the viewers as I am also listening to the person on deck.

*Individual spring/swivel for each earpiece. Nice for listening when not wearing the headset. Letting go, they go back to their normal position.

All in All, a very well-built piece of recording equipment I’m going to enjoy using for a long time to come!


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