The EERO 6+ mesh Wi-Fi system

I bought this fantastic little setup to get rid of my crappy Cox “Gigablast” modem and equipment. No more monthly modem rentals!

It works just as described. It is set up in minutes using the EEOS App. It also connects right to my Alexa. It definitely gives me the coverage I need in a two-story, 2,400 Square Foot House.

My modem is located on the second floor, corner bedroom, and I get full speed coverage (no dead spots) downstairs on the other side of the house where I have my 80″ big screen TV for streaming my movies and shows.

Plus, it uses my Alexa Echo and Echo Show to add more coverage throughout the house and eliminate any chance of dead spots.

  • eero replaces your cable company’s router. You will still need a modem. For that, check your cable provider for compatible modems or eero website.